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Latest News

  • We thank you with profits, not just words.
    Posted by Sep-9-2021 02:43:48 AM
    The good news keeps on stacking up. After yesterday’s announcement, we are pleased to say that today we have partnered up for another big project.

    So now a little bit about our new acquisition. Zapien, another Isoquant partner, is a decentralized Web 3 social news platform with a mission of countering fake news and rewarding content creators that will utilize Isoquant to serve as its content curation engine, providing systems for voting on content, managing reputation and defining and enforcing standards.

    Zapien aims to reach the mass market and support Isoquant as the standard for Web 3.0 platforms. Interoperability between Zapien and other platform integrations (similar to how Zynga is built on Facebook) will further push new applications and businesses to build on top of Isoquant.

    All this is possible because of our investors’ commitment. Thank you everyone for believing in us and supporting us! The more projects we can participate in, the sooner we can introduce even better yielding plans to our investors. Because we thank you with profits, not just words.
  • Isoquant brings Decentralized Governance to GosisX
    Posted by Sep-5-2021 03:41:11 AM
    Introducing our partnership and shared long term goal of transforming users into the owners of decentralized platforms.

    At Isoquant and GosisX, we believe that open source software projects should be able to easily self-organize at any scale while maintaining accountability and agility. Users should have the opportunity to take ownership of their products and be rewarded according to their value contributed.

    Isoquant is proud to announce that it is entering into a partnership with GosisX. Together, GosisX and Isoquant will build autonomous, self-governing, reputation-based communities that empower millions of users on their platform.
  • ISOQUANT welcomes all
    Posted by Sep-1-2021 07:32:13 AM
    Today ISOQUANT will start to receive deposits from the big public. Everyone is welcome to join us in this profitable adventure. Make sure to check our news channel for regular updates and stay tuned for more greatness.

About Isoquant

The Internet opened the door for real-time information exchange at a worldwide scale, but yet it lacked the economic means for general-purpose coordination and global peer-production. The Blockchain made this possible by providing a reliable, open and programmable accounting system, consequently leading to the invention of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). DAO is a network of peers that encode their protocols into the blockchain and make collaborative decisions by voting through smart contracts.

Blockchain companies start their life with huge assets and thousands of members, but without the capacity to effectively deploy these resources into action. Isoquant makes decentralized applications with customizable tools for the collective resource management and decision making. Welcome to Isoquant – A platform that powers decentralized companies, funds and markets to make fast and innovative decisions at scale.

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